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    Storage, transport and direct access to pretty much everything

    A glass-delivery vehicle at a special price, two enhanced storage and transport trolleys for in-house logistics and a long-goods storage system which trade fair visitors can get a detailed look at. Hans-Peter Löhner from HEGLA Fahrzeugbau is looking forward to the FENSTERBAU FRONTALE in Nuremberg and is convinced of being able to offer the trade fair visitors interesting ideas and novelties at the stand.

    Glass-delivery vehicle at a special price

    The managing director believes that the exhibited transport vehicle which will be offered at an until now well-concealed special trade fair price as part of a new vehicle campaign, will draw particular attention. Equipped with an external rack, a roof rack, an internal rack with folding support and a tool cabinet system, the vehicle boasts the enhancements and add-ons most in demand in this combination. "This delivery vehicle offers numerous transport options: both on the aluminium external rack, as well as on the internal rack for protection and safety", enthuses Hans-Peter Löhner. "To ensure the customer's best first impressions, everything is perfectly arranged and easy to find with the tool cabinet".

    Which vehicle manufacturer was able to be recruited as a partner for the campaign the managing director does not wish to divulge. "We want to try and keep up the excitement", he responds with a wink to such enquiries.

    Compartment carriage: Two levels of space-saving

    HEGLA presented the new double-decker compartment carriage – with two levels and direct access into which up to one hundred glass panes or, for example, also residual sheets can be placed – for the first time at the FENSTERBAU 2016. Since that went down very well, an improved model can now be seen in Nuremberg, which will be available at a special trade fair price.

    Anyone still looking for a new idea for in-house transport and the storage of insulating glass (also suitable for freshly sealed items), it might be worth their while looking at the A30 smooth-running storage trolley. The insulating units can be deposited on this in a user-friendly manner in production sequence and removed again in any sequence as required.

    Double-decker compartment carriage

    Managing long items

    HEGLA's Kretzschau branch wants to use the FENSTERBAU FRONTALE to give a platform to long-goods storage systems. The exhibited long-goods storage system, combining transversal movement with longitudinal extension, is intended to convey a good impression to the trade fair visitors regarding how storage can be achieved in the narrowest of space in a systematic and organised manner. For loading or unloading one or more pallets, the shelves are moved until an operating slot becomes free. If only individual profiles are to be removed, these can also be removed from the pallets from the front. "Up to 50 per cent more can be tucked away on existing space with this storage system. This neatness and tidiness means not just the stocktaking of existing profiles is considerably easier", suggests HEGLA long-goods storage specialist Mark Stoschek. "Work processes also become significantly optimised and plannable, without the otherwise inevitable restacking and searching".

    HEGLA is on show in Hall 3a at stand 103.

    Transversally moving HEGLA long-goods storage system

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