Floor Loading System

All loading systems are available for standard and separated sizes.

Functional description:

On demand by manual input or request by the cutting machine, the tilting suction arms are lifted to vertical position. The module performs a transversal movement to the glass rack to pick up a glass sheet. The suction cups of the suction arms automatically start operation when the control unit of the loading device recognizes that the glass package is reached.

After pick-up of the glass sheet the arms are lowered back to horizontal position. At the same time, the module moves to the hand-over position to the cutting machine.

Hand-over is performed by strings of reels with transport speed of 20 to 60 m/min, depending on the cutting machine.


Performance features:

Numerous application possibilities

Optimum solution for industrial processing
• fewer glass locations

fully automatic processing of manufacturing orders through automatic rack pre-selection

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