HEGLA honours employees for 25 years of company service

It was smiles all round for HEGLA’s Managing Directors Manfred Vollbracht and Bernhard Hötger as they congratulated six employees on 25 years of company service in a small celebratory gathering. “These colleagues have shown tremendous loyalty to HEGLA and their hard work has contributed to our company’s success. This is a perfect occasion to celebrate and acknowledge the time spent together” declared Manfred Vollbracht.

Together let pass the last years review

The honoured employees, the two Managing Directors, heads of department and representatives of the Works Council chatted informally as they looked back together at the years gone by. Peter Böhmer, Thomas Dienert, Josef Leising, Martin Maßmann, Hans Nowak, Hubertus Schmückel and Kerstin Wicke all joined HEGLA in the year 1990. In his speech, Manfred Vollbracht remembered a time when the Berlin wall had just fallen, a branch had recently opened in the new federal states of former East Germany and when HEGLA was still just a regional player. “You lived through the boom of German reunification with us, and remained loyal to the company through both positive and challenging years. And your hard work has contributed to HEGLA’s growth to the internationally renowned company it is today” said the Managing Director as he highlighted the efforts and commitment of the seven employees.

service anniversary 2015

“We value each and every one of you and the role you play: Peter Böhmer in international sales of special-purposes machines, Thomas Dienert in the programming of our complex installations, Martin Maßmann, Hans Nowak and Hubertus Schnückel in challenging production tasks, Josef Leistung in machine construction and Kerstin Wicke in adminstration. You have all contributed to our success.” declared Bernhard Hötger, on behalf of his colleagues.

HEGLA look positively to the future

The future will bring new challenges and opportunities for HEGLA, added Vollbracht and Hötger. “If we can continue to count on your long-term experience, and the overall efforts of all our employees enable us to maintain or improve our high product standards, HEGLA can look positively to the future”.

Thomas Dienert was unfortunately unable to attend the celebrations and was honoured a few days later. Bernhard Hötger thanked him for his commitment and wished him all the best for the future. 

Anniversary: 25 years at HEGLA

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