EcoLam / EcoLam Plus

Semi-automatic processes and ease of use make the EcoLam an ideal top level basic solution for professional laminated glass cutting. The system automatically handles the cutting, breaking and separation functions, guaranteeing optimum results. After only a short training period, operators are able to produce dimensionally accurate cuts that will meet customer expectations.

Performance features:

  • Cutting, breaking and separation of laminated glass in an automatic sequence
  • Quick and easy to master, easy to operate
  • Manually movable stop bridge: The digital position indicator ensures accurate alignment of the glass
  • Retractable positioning stops for glass rotation
  • The operator is supported by an air cushion while aligning the glass
  • Special cutting heads for cutting results without offset
  • Glass thicknesses of 2x3 to 2x8mm can be handled
  • Cut lengths of up to 3,200 mm/3,700mm (also up to 4,600 with the EcoLam Plus)
  • Diagonal cuts in manual alignment

Optional performance features:

  • Knife separation technique (MT):
    In the cutting area, the laminated glass lamination film is separated cleanly by an extensible knife

Functional description:

The system can be loaded via a tilting table.

The positioning bridge is positioned initially using the digital indicator. The glass stops are then aligned. Supported by an air cushion, the glass can be moved freely on the table.

The subsequent cutting, breaking and separation work steps run automatically. The slide lamination film is heated up and separated by pulling apart.

Model variant:

EcoLam Plus

The EcoLam Plus has an extended control in which all glass-specific cutting parameters can be stored. The control panel view displays all operating conditions.

Menu-guided operation via a TFT monitor is possible using the optional View Plus equipment. Cutting parameters can be stored in a database. Optimised cutting plans can also be imported and processed.

The knife separation technique (MT) forms an integral part of the EcoLam Plus.

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