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HEGLA ProLam Kombi – combinated cutting machine either for laminated and float glass

A rewarding combination for maximum cut lengths

The ProLam 60 Kombi combines flexible cutting of laminated glass with the modern cutting of float glass in one compact machine. Laminated glass up to a width of 6.000mm can be processed. For this purpose two precise cutting heads are installed, which are running above each other.

Combination Cutting unit for float glass and laminated glass .


Breaking Bar for Float Glass
  • Integrated floatglass cutting process

Nevertheless, the most important benefit of the ProLam is the fact, that there is on one hand an cutting mode for laminated glass and on the other hand an entire one for float glass. Due to the integrated breaker bar, float glass can be handled on this machine. Because of both cutting modes, the unit can be used in a more flexible way.

Special Hegla developments, such as the grinding head for Low-E glass, expand the possible field of applications, for floatglass as well as for laminated glass.

The Pro Lam cutting machine is also available as version ProLam 72, which has an extended width up to 7.200mm.

PVB Trimming Tool
  • Improved Precision

To improve the precision, the patented Hegla PVB Trimming Tool was invented. It removes PVB foil on the leading edge as well as at the bottom edge of the laminated glass. This saves time, raises accuracy und deminishs potential transport incidents on the IG line.

  • Optimized Trimming

For the ProLam cutting machine is also an additional tool for automatic removal of remaining glass or trims available. According to the thickness, minimal remnants can be still used for further production or automatical removed. The tool takes out the trim to place it on the feeding table, where it can be removed by the operator easily and safe, without interruption of the automatic process

ReMaster for Laminated Glass
  • Reduce your glass costs with the HEGLA ReMaster

An perfect way to reduce costs and to increase efficiency, is to use the space above the cutting line for the dynamic glass buffer ReMaster. By integrating such storage and handling system the optimal utilization of material with high diversity is guarenteed.

  • Diagnostic and Remote Maintenance

The HEGLA cutting lines are equipped with a diagnostic system for remote maintenance. This service provides shortest response times and also offers an easy possibilty to update the software, even to perfom online trainings for operators.

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