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HEGLA: “Made in Kretzschau” in demand internationally

Saudi Arabia, USA, Canada and South Korea – the list of countries to which Burgenland-based HEGLA exported last year is a long one. “In 2017, not only did we increase our domestic trade, we also experienced much stronger growth in our foreign markets,” says Managing Director Bernhard Hötger, explaining the continuing internationalisation of the business. While the export quota for the previous year was already almost 40 percent, the company expects a further increase in 2018.

Looking positively into the Future

Thanks to these prospects, HEGLA can face the future with a positive mindset, while still looking back on the past with satisfaction. Founded in just 1990 in Droßdorf with a handful of employees, today over 70 people work at the site in Kretzschau.

Starting with Storage and Transport Frames - meanwhile expanding through Storage and Loading Systems

In the early years, the company mainly produced storage and transport frames for the glass and window industry, as well as producing and assembling glass transport racks for trucks and commercial vehicles. Since then, the company’s range has expanded to include technically more complex and sophisticated products. These solutions include, for example, the Rapidstore storage and loading system, in which a variety of different types of glass are stowed in movable storage compartments, enabling them to be transported to cutting systems for cutting.



Well-known Products "Compact Storage Systems for PVCu Profiles"

Likely to count among the Kretzschau-based company’s most well-known products are its storage solutions for bulky and extra-long materials. HEGLA offers closely set, moveable storage racking to make optimum use of space. When loading or unloading, an operating slot is opened, providing access to the storage shelves. Thanks to the reduction in required access space, up to 50 percent more can be stored on the same surface area.

Acknowledgment to all Employees

“HEGLA's successes, innovations, and know-how at our Kretzschau site are due to the dedication and skill of all our employees”, Bernhard Hötger is positive. “I am all the more delighted that many of our colleagues have been with us for decades, and that we can trust in and build on their knowledge and experience.”

Future of HEGLA

Hötger, and the HEGLA Group as a whole, expect the success of the Burgenland site to continue. In future, the plant will also manufacture machines for the recently acquired laser specialist boraident, based in Halle. 2018 will also be a year of growth for the company in other ways: it plans to expand the plant to include new production capacities.

History of HEGLA

In addition to storage and logistics solutions, and the vehicle construction division, the HEGLA Group specialises in machines and systems for glass cutting. The group itself was founded in 1976 in Beverungen (NRW) and has a third production site in Satteldorf (Baden-Wuerttemberg). It also has subsidiaries in England, France, Russia, the USA and India, among others. Around 600 employees work for the HEGLA Group worldwide, including more than 50 apprentices.


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