Laminated safety glass cutting by HEGLA – new-generation ProLam meets our vision of the future

In the spirit of Glasstec 2016, HEGLA introduced a new generation of the ProLam laminated glass cutting system while at the same time providing a glimpse of the future of laminated cutting with the Rapidlam system.

The new ProLam series

The new ProLam series with its promise of increased functionality, greater operator convenience and optimised processes was one of the biggest crowd magnets on the stand. Fitted with electro-magnetic linear drives on the infeed table and machining bridge, it achieves even higher acceleration values and thus more precise results. The advantages of this low-maintenance technology particularly come into their own in the ProLam combi-version which is designed for cutting float glass and laminated safety glass. Using this bridge, float glass can be scribed and ground with greater precision and minimum cycle time. HEGLA’s Managing Director, Manfred Vollbracht comments: “For both shaped or straight cuts, especially for production peaks or special sheets, the ProLam has proved itself in terms of the flexible cutting of laminates and float glass”.

neue Generation der ProLam

Another newcomer of the ProLam is the diagonal cutting device

Another newcomer to the plant is the diagonal cutting device which simplifies and offers technical support to cutting and aligning rectilinear models and symmetries. A blank is cut first of all and the planned diagonal cut has been automatically marked in two places on the glass from the machining bridge. The sheet is then fixed at the front mark by a rotational positioning aid, after which the operator can easily align it using an air cushion and an optical camera. Glass scoring, foil separation and breaking are carried out automatically and with a high degree of dimensional accuracy. “The new diagonal cutting -device has been well received by visitors to the trade fair. Up to now it has always been costly and time-intensive for a single operator to align the glass, particularly with large sheets, and cutting accuracy was dependent on the operator’s skill and experience”, says Manfred Vollbracht.

die Stärken der wartungarmen elektromagnetischen Linearantriebe

Use the shape function to cut free shapes

The ProLam can be fitted with the patented Shape function for glass processors who want to offer free shapes and models as well as conventional straight cuts. The laminate is held by double grippers which move the glass under the machining bridge and cutting heads to produce the cut contour. The two cutting heads are fitted with a single drive for maximum precision and these are moved synchronously and precisely along the shape – without any misalignment or movement.

More freedom of movement for the operator thanks to the new arrangement of the cutting bridge

Both the optimised timing and the operator convenience have been improved. The positioning and layout of the cutting bridge have been re-worked to provide more freedom of movement for the operator. The parking position of the head is now on the rear of the table, so that tools can be changed outside the safety zone. The cutting bridge takes up less space in the working area giving the operator more freedom of movement in front of the machine.

The ProLam can be fitted with an offcut removal device via a flap mechanism

For additional operator convenience, the ProLam can be fitted with an offcut removal device as an option, which removes the non-reusable offcuts of glass via a flap mechanism into a fragment container.

The Rapidlam an ideal solution for specialised cutting of shapes ans models from laminate

Visitors looking at the RAPIDLAM on the stand were able to get an idea of how HEGLA envisions the future of LSG cutting. For use here and now, the compact system is fitted with the Shape facility and is designed to cut free shapes and models from laminated safety glass. Built to save space, it can be used either as a free-standing device or fitted as an add-on to an existing solution. As the grippers are integrated directly into the measuring table, the RAPIDLAM does not require separate safety fencing and can be accessed from all sides. The technical realisation of the fair site is visionary, however. Instead of separating the foil using conventional heat technology as was previously the case, HEGLA now uses a special laser. The processing sequence is also new: The foil in the glass is first separated using a laser, then the glass is scored and finally broken. The marked reduction in the time taken to separate the foil aroused great interest. The safety glass is easily broken immediately after scoring without the resistance of the foil. Model sheets in particular can be separated much more precisely, quickly and carefully in this way.

Publikumsmagnet am HEGLA-Stand

Rapidlam with a special laser technology

The Rapidlam with conventional heat technology is available immediately. Laser technology for all the usual laminate products is being further developed by HEGLA ready for marketing. Laser foil separation will also be available from the second half of 2017 and can be fitted retrospectively to certain new models on request.

Die Rapidlam ist eine ideale Lösung für den Sonderzuschnitt freier Formen und Modelle aus VSG

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