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“Machines and systems in real-time operation
– HEGLA's world of experience at the Glasstec” 

Thanks to the many innovative machines and systems in operation, the Glasstec visitors who visited the HEGLA booth were given the chance of experiencing technology live in action. The interested expert audience had the opportunity to get a transparent insight into the technical processes, design and interplay of the various solutions on offer. Those looking for new ideas or production technology found inspiration in a mix of high-tech, high speed, interconnected processes.

Experience the possibilities live.

"Experience the possibilities live" was the motto under which the HEGLA booth was designed. Hegla CEO Manfred Vollbracht was very pleased with the visitor's interest and feedback he received about the trade fair booth. "We wanted to show what is possible in glass cutting, glass sorting and residual glass handling. Our aim was not to just talk to our visitors about our products, but rather to convince them of our original systems functions".

VSG-Shape Cutting as biggest attraction

From the public interest, one of HEGLA's biggest attractions was the automatic shape cutting of laminated glass. Throughout the course of the trade fair, visitors could convince themselves of the cutting process and its precise results by watching the live demonstrations held on the ProLam Shape. In this patented process, the laminated glass is picked up with special grippers and moved under the cutting bridge by means of a system control that follows the contours of the cutting plan. To achieve high precision, the cutting heads of the HEGLA system are precisely and synchronically aligned to the shape contour using separate CNC drives.

"Clean Blower" as innovation

To increase the cleanliness of the production systems and in the production hall, HEGLA introduced the “Clean Blower” at the trade fair. It can be integrated directly into the line in front of the cutting machine. The new "Clean Blower" automatically removes the Lucite which is used for better seperation of the panes from the glass surface. Subsequent processes and the working environment are significantly less contaminated by the Lucite separating agent. Contactless technology cleans the glass gently so that the coating side remains intact. At the same time, the removal of the Lucite also fulfils the basis for an automatic quality control with a scanner system.

Automation of continuous interest

One of the main topics of conversation on the booth was automation, be it for individual processes or for complete sequences such as the automatic sorting system SortJet. "Many of our conversations were about the possibility of adding automation to improve production processes and to increase future competitiveness. The aim is to improve the capacity of the existing production and to achieve an even higher level of quality", said Hegla's CEO Manfred Vollbracht.

Big reunion in Düsseldorf

In addition to the pleasure brought by the strong public interest in HEGLA, the Glasstec also has a special social significance for Manfred Vollbracht, "Every two years here in Dusseldorf, we have the chance to meet many esteemed customers and people who are interested in our products, with whom we are in regular contact, but who we do not always have the opportunity to meet in person".

Thank you for your visit at our stand at glasstec in Düsseldorf.

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