Integration of the ReMaster residual plate buffer permits the optimal utilisation of all existing residual sheets and reduces material costs, in particular where many different varieties are used.

A defined interface permits data exchange with your optimisation program, so that the resulting residual glass sheets are immediately available for optimisation following storage in the ReMaster. Even with the basic equipment consisting of the horizontal buffer, the lifting and feeding stations and the additional breaking device, you will increase your benefits significantly.


Brief description

Residual storage system for retrofitting existing laminated glass cutting equipment for the interim storage of residual glass to accompany production. An ART - RE 6133 roller tilting table or a mobile ART tilting feed table must be used with the Universal Remasters. Moreover, the cutting equipment must be equipped with the transport belt in the cutting table with the capacity to convey glass in reverse, or alternatively it must be possible to retrofit the reverse conveyance function.

Functional description:

A compact glass sheet breaking station is inserted between the tilting feed table and the cutting table, which separates the residual glass sheets from the useful part at the last glass sheet. The cut sheet is then immediately conveyed back to the cutting machine.

The useful part is then conveyed out by the cutting equipment to the breaking table or breaking plant and the residual glass sheet is put into intermediate storage in the horizontal store by the lifting and conveying device.

The conveyor is moved vertically and positioned in front of the selected panel for the storage or return of residual glass sheets. Special grippers are then used to push in or pull out the residual sheet.

If the process has ended, the conveyor moves vertically to the top position.

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