Integration of the space-saving Tandem ReMaster dynamic residual plate storage immediately permits the optimum utilisation of any residual sheets that may occur, thereby directly reducing material costs.

A defined interface permits data exchange with your optimisation program,
so that the resulting residual glass sheets can be re-integrated into the schedule immediately.

Unnecessary downtime resulting from expensive handling and transportation procedures are avoided as a result of the automatic inward and outward discharge of residual glass sheets at the right place – i.e. immediately after breaking where the offcut occurs

Brief description

The Tandem ReMaster residual sheet storage system is designed for integration into a high-performance cutting line for float glass with an automatic breaking plant. The functional structure of the Tandem ReMaster requires special adjustments to the cutting machine and the breaking plant, which can only be implemented as part of a new machine. The adjustments relate to both machine technology and equipment and machine control.

For retrofitting into existing cutting lines, including ones from other manufacturers, we offer integration of the HEGLA Universal-ReMasters.

Functional description:

The Tandem-ReMaster lift gear is fitted to the cutting machine on the runout side. The X breaking station of the breaking plant is used to provide separation from the residual sheet. The lifting frame has two transport levels. The lower level waits under the transport belt table until the residual glass sheet can be stored. The upper level of the lifting frame simultaneously delivers the next glass sheet to be processed on the cutting system, meaning that there is no waiting time. This process saves considerable time compare to the Universal Remaster.


  • Tandem-ReMaster



  • Tandem-ReMaster

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