The VSG ReMaster has been developed as a stand-alone solution for the inward and outward discharge of residual laminated glass sheets. It allows both full sizes and residual glass sheets to be put into intermediate storage. These can then be processed further by the Advalam 46 on demand, thereby improving efficiency.

Short routes and automatic handling improve efficiency and increase the system throughput.

Integrated warehouse management ensures inventory transparency and provides effective access to 25 or storage areas.



Brief description

Residual buffer system for retrofitting existing laminated glass cutting equipment for the interim storage of residual glass to accompany production.

An ART - RE 6133 roller tilting table or a mobile ART tilting feed table must be used with the Universal Remasters.


Functional description

The VSG ReMaster buffer system is installed upstream of a laminated glass cutting line, with the memory module above the feed table. After the cutting equipment has cut off the last glass sheet, the residual glass sheet is conveyed in reverse to the lifting and conveying device and put into intermediate storage in the horizontal buffer.




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