SortJet for Online-Production

SortJet for online production – direct from cutting to the insulated glass lines

Performance features:

• Infeed into the buffer and simultaneous outfeed

• Dynamic single-direction material flow

• Multi-loading for all buffer compartments

• Creation of the production sequence (3x ISO) with the second level in the dual shuttle

• Introduction of feed panes

Functional description:

electromechanical conveyors
(or swivel conveyors to change the side of the pane)

• dynamic input shuttle with air cushion wall

• buffer with multi-loading

• movable underslung conveyor

• TWIN output shuttle with 2 air cushion levels

• inward and outward discharge station

• glass dimensions:

Size I: 3.00m x 2.00m

Size II: 4.50m x 2.50m (2.70m)

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