Gantry Loading System / Portal Conveyor

Automatic conveyor systems link the glass store with the cutting shop. Whether the glass store consists of fixed frames, automatic compact stores or a combination of the two, a HEGLA Gantry Loading System [Portal Conveyor] supplies one or more cutting lines continuously with glass. The rotatable Gantry Loading System can select various different glass formats from each storage area and place them at the front without the need for additional operator intervention.

Functional Description:

A tipping table is used as a transfer module. The number and configuration of storing positions as well as the glass store surface area to be bridged can be adapted to the situation in the hall. Two different suction frames are available as functional modules for the configuration that is appropriate in each case.


Performance Features:

  • 3 (PBS 3326) resp. 5 suction arms (PBS 6133) with self activating suction cups
  • suction arms with trapezoid guiding for glass peel off from the bottom.
  • This means: The glass sheet first is pulled off the glass rack at the bottom before pulled off completely. This way remaining glass sheets keep standing safely on the glass rack without being pulled over by the sheet picked up.
  • suction frame is tiltable for glass hand over on top or combing through
  • trolley on crossbridge
  • all drives are controlled by frequency

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