PVB Trimming Tool

Unwanted PVB film overlaps occur in the manufacturing of laminated glass as a result of the production process. This can lead to inaccuracies in the positioning, cutting and onward transport of the glass. The PVB trimming tool automatically removes the overlap before cutting, thus improving positioning and cutting accuracy.

Performance features:

  • Higher dimensional accuracy in the further processing of laminated glass
  • No wasted time caused by the manual removal of the PVB film overhang. The risk of operator injury is reduced
  • Transport problems to downstream stations (such as on ISO line conveyors) are avoided

Functional description:

Before transport into the cutting system, the PVB trimming tool removes the overhanging PVB film from the lower longitudinal edge and the front transversal edge. This increases the precision of subsequent processes. The glass edge remains undamaged.

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