Excellent cutting quality and high productivity characterise the ProLam laminated glass cutting system. Automatic cutting and positioning ensure high cutting performance, even with frequent individual cuts and varying glass types. In combination with automatic loading, the ProLam is also very well suited to industrial mass production.

Performance features:

  • Automatic cutting system for laminated glass (positioning, cutting, breaking, separation)
  • Transportation and positioning of the glass are automatic
  • Process-oriented operation ensures short cutting cycles. Software optimised cutting
  • Special cutting heads produce dimensionally accurate cutting results without offset
  • PVB film is separated cleanly in the area of the cut
  • Glass thicknesses of 2x3 to 2x8mm (optionally up to 2x10mm) can be handled
  • Cut lengths of up to 3,700mm/4,600mm/6,000mm
  • TFT monitor with cutting plan display

Optional performance features:

  • Double Grinding Head for soft-coated low emissivity (low-e) glass
  • Automatic PVB trimming tool
  • Automatic remnant removal: Small remnants can be returned to the cutting table automatically
  • Glass sheet rotating device for Y-cut preparation

Functional description:

Loading is handled by a tilting air cushion table or an automatic loading system.

The system aligns the glass fully automatically on the cutting table. The laminated glass is scored, broken and separated without the position being changed. The optimised ProLam processes ensure short cycle times.

To optimise the cutting process, the upstream infeed table can be extended optionally using the automatic PVB trimming tool device or the Double Grunding Head.

A module for using even smaller remnants safely and automatically for subsequent cutting can also be integrated into the system. This module can also be used to dispose of residues in a collecting container below the ProLam.

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