ProLam Plus Shape

With fully automated processes, high cutting speed and extreme accuracy, the ProLam Plus Shape is a trend-setting shape cutting system for laminated safety glass. System-guided cutting heads that are capable of meeting any professional requirement achieve optimal cutting results in just one pass for both free forms and classic straight cuts.

[Patented shape cutting for laminated safety glass: DE 101 64 872 B4 and EP 1 577 273 B1]

Performance features:

  • Shape Cutting machine for laminated glass
  • Automated processes for shape cutting (positioning, scoring) and straight cuts (positioning, scoring, breakout, heating, separating)
  • System-controlled glass conveyance on the cutting table
  • Short cutting cycles
  • Software-optimised cutting
  • Special cutting heads achieve offset-free and dimensionally accurate cutting in a single process step
  • Lamination film is separated cleanly in the cutting area (straight cuts)
  • Glass thicknesses of 2x3 to 2x8mm (optionally up to 2x10mm) can be handled
  • Cut lengths of up to 3,700mm/4,600mm/6,000mm
  • TFT monitor with cutting plan display

    Optional performance features:

    • Double Grinding Head for soft-coated low emissivity (low-e) glass
    • Coat removal module for foil-protected glass
    • Automatic PVB trimming tool../?id=150
    • Automated remnant removal: small remnants can be returned to the cutting table automatically
    • Glass sheet rotating device for Y-cut preparation
    • TWINcut dual cutting head

    Functional description:

    Loading is handled by a tilting table or an automatic loading system.

    Automated processes position the glass for shape cutting. The dual grippers and HEGLA's patented double cutting head ensure that the glass is cut exactly in accordance with the cutting plan in just one work process. Discharge is performed automatically.

    To further optimise the cutting process, the upstream infeed table can additionally be expanded by a PVB trimming tool, the TWIN grinding head or a coat removal module for foil-protected glass.

    A module for automatically using even smaller remnants for subsequent cutting can also be integrated into the system. It can also be used to dispose of residues in a container below the ProLam Plus.

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