With its fully automated processes, the laminated glass cutting system is suitable for the use in industrial mass production or for supplying glass sheets to downstream production lines. Feeding, positioning, cutting and separation, as well as the disposal of remnants, are all controlled by the system and operator-independent. Special cutting heads separate the laminated glass accurately and without offset, so that the highest standards are met.

Performance features:

  • Fully automatic cutting system
    (positioning, cutting, breaking, separation)
  • Automatic return of the sub-plate after the separation process for Y-cut preparation or to transfer the offcut to the optional remnant disposal system
  • Automatic glass sheet rotating device
  • Glass thicknesses of 2x3 to 2x8mm (optionally up to 2x10mm) can be handled
  • Special cutting heads produce dimensionally accurate cutting results without offset
  • PVB interlayer is separated cleanly in the area of the cut

Optional performance features:

  • Twin Edge Deletion Head for soft-coated low emissivity (low-e) glass
  • Automatic disposal of trim cut

Functional description:

Loading is handled by automatic loading systems.

The two-way gripping system positions the glass accurately. The laminated glass is scored, broken and separated without the position being changed. The sub-plate is then automatically conveyed further.

The remnant is automatically withdrawn from the table or aligned for further cutting. The glass sheet rotating device is used for any subsequent Y-cut to move the glass into the required position.

The cutting process can be extended optionally using the PVB trimming tool or the Double Grinding Head.

A module that is used to remove offcuts or remnants from the system automatically and dispose of them in a prepared collecting container can also be integrated into the system.

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