Accurate, automatic and designed as a compact cutting machine. The RAPIDCUT KT is a stand-alone solution specifically developed for cutting shapes and straight cuts on float glass. Through the use of low-maintenance electro magnetic linear drive technology it achieves precise scoring results. The fully graphical HEGLA software as well as the preprogrammed shape catalogue make it easy and time-saving to operate. The cutting machine is able to tilt up to enable easy loading of glass in a user-friendly manner.

The RAPIDCUT KT can be used universally as a standalone system.

Performance features:

  • Standalone cutting table with electro-magnetic linear drives for cutting models and shapes of float glass and patterned glass (monolithic glass)
  • Integrated tiltable support table for loading glass
  • Electro-mechanical tilting drive for smooth movements that are gentle on the material
  • Motor-driven cutting head that can be rotated 360 degrees for the precise cutting of models
  • Integrated break-out bar in X/Y direction
  • Max. sheet size depending on RAPIDCUT KT model:
    3.300mm * 2.550mm (RAPIDCUT KT 3326)
    4.500mm * 2.550mm (RAPIDCUT KT 4526)
  • Control via a fully graphical software package with form catalogue (import function for cutting plans)
  • Air cushion on the system helps the operator to align glass

Optional performance features:

  • Edge Deletion Module for low emissivity glass (low-e)
  • Additional software to optimise offcut
  • FreeForm software to import free-form shapes in DXF format
  • Additional breaking table to increase the cutting and separation capacity

Functional description:

A suction unit, for example, is used to place the glass on the support table and then it is lowered electromechanically into the horizontal processing position. The cutting bridge remains in a vibration-free waiting position and is not tilted to maintain the precision.

An air cushion generated by the system supports the operator to subsequently align the glass.

The glass cutting is controlled by software using a preprogrammed form catalogue.

The integrated break-out bars can be used to separate the scored glass.

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