Optimax / Optimax Plus

The fully automated glass cutting systems in our Optimax series were designed for industrial volume cutting of coated and uncoated float glass. Driven by CNC-controlled servo motors, the cutting bridge achieves high speeds, which are always perfectly adapted to the cutting contour. The special bridge guides guarantee a consistently accurate cut quality.

With their short turnaround times, the Optimax and Optimax Plus glass cutting tables are ideal for use in simple or complex unattended line solutions, for example, also with a ReMaster connection.

Performance features:

  • Fully automatic glass cutting table for shape and straight cutting of float glass
    (transportation, positioning, cutting, optional: grinding)
  • Connection to automatic feed possible
  • Rotating cutting head for cuts up to 360 degrees
  • CNC-controlled positioning drives (digital servo motors)
  • Glas thicknesses of 3-12mm  (optionally up to 19mm) can be handled
  • Max. sheet size depending on Optimax model:
    2.450mm * 1.850mm (Optimax 2519)
    3.210mm * 2.550mm (Optimax 3326)
    3.660mm * 2.750mm (Optimax 3728)
    5.180mm * 3.300mm (Optimax 5233)
    6.100mm * 3.300mm (Optimax 6133)
    7.200mm * 3.300mm (Optimax 7233)
    other sizes on request
  • Controlled via a software package with a catalogue of shapes and models (import function for cutting plans)
  • Automatic adaptation of cutting speed

Optional performance features:

  • Double Grinding Head for soft-coated low emissivity (low-e) glass
  • Double Cutting Head TwinCut

Functional description:

To achieve high cycle counts, glass feeding should be automated.

Conveyor belts automatically transport the raw glass to the Optimax and line it up. System-controlled edge coating removal is optionally available for coated glass. The glass is scored precisely in line with the cutting plan. To achieve this, the cutting bridge is driven by CNC-controlled servomotors, thus achieving high speeds and accurate results.

The cutting plan itself can be created on a PC, or on the system.

Using an automatic or a manual breaking table, the glass is broken in X and Y direction after being discharged from the cutting table.

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