The Formline F is a cutting table with a "free fall" loading principle designed for shaped and straight cuts of float and ornament glass. The glass is tilted directly from the rack onto the table at one of the three sides of the system. Automatic processes and shape catalogs make the Formline F a user-friendly system that delivers precision cutting results.

The Formline F can be deployed as a universal stand-alone system. It is also an ideal supplement to existing production lines for production peaks or special orders.

Performance features:

  • Compact machine for shape and straight cutting of float and patterned glass
  • reduced maintenance overhead due to no moving plant components
  • Rotating cutting head for cuts up to 360 degrees
  • Integrated breaker bars in X/Y direction
  • Glass thicknesses of 3-12mm (optionally up to 19mm) can be handled
  • max. sheet size depending on Formline F model:
    3.300mm * 2.550mm (Formline F 3326)
    3.650mm * 2.750mm (Formline F 3728)
    other sizes on request
  • Controlled via a software package with a catalogue of shapes and models (import function for cutting plans)
  • The system's air cushion helps the operator to align the glass

Optional performance features:

  • Double Grinding Head for soft-coated low emissivity (low-e) glass
  • Double Cutting Head TwinCut

Functional description:

The glass pane is tilted in such a way that it falls freely from a frame standing adjacent to the plant onto the cutting table. The operator then aligns the pane manually on the air cushion against the positioning guides, which fold out from the cutting table pneumatically.

Cutting is software-controlled and relies on a catalogue of pre-programmed shapes and models, or user-defined patterns. The integrated breaker bars can be used to separate the cut glass parts.

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